A mini masterpiece is not just for Christmas

It's November, that special time of year is almost upon us again, we're starting to think about our Christmas decorations and more specifically about adding a few new ones to the mix as most of us try to do every year. We all like to have something that's unique, and full of the memories of christmases past, so this year, why not consider a mini-masterpiece as the latest addition to your Christmas decorations?

We’ve all got piles of drawings of Santa, snowmen, sleighs, reindeers that the kids have drawn over the years, they tend to be on dog eared pieces of paper that are boxed up with the decorations in the loft. Every year when you get the decorations down they always raise a smile and make you remember happy times, but unfortunately, they’ll get looked at, smiled upon and then ultimately shoved back in that box until next year.

What if that doodle could be transformed into a mini-masterpiece? rescued from a lifetime of being screwed up in the decorations box and destined for a new life as a centre piece or focal point for your Christmas decorations? It might also make a lovely gift for the grandparents or loved ones.

If a mini-masterpiece is something you feel could brighten up your Christmas, why not send us a photo or scan and order one today?

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