The birth of the mini-masterpiece...

Our children are prolific artists, churning out drawing after doodle that began to fill our home. Like you. we didn't have the heart to throw them away, as the sentimental attachment to their first artistic creations is a strong one - there is something very special about the way a child views the world around them. Doodlepics was born as we loved our children's artwork that they created at home and school but at the same time were unsure what to do with this sheer volume of artwork.

In an effort to keep our life simple and minimal we started selecting the best ones and using them for presents to relatives. We would edit, print and display our favourites in the house for us all to enjoy or give them away as presents, which always seemed to bring joy to the family and friends who received them. We quickly realised if our family got so much enjoyment from these prints, that other families might too, and so Doodlepics was born.

The first ever mini-masterpiece was a family portrait drawn by our daughter Isla, aged 5 at the time.

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About me...

Bryony is a mother to two creative children (Isla & Rory) and lives in Bristol with her fianc√© Wayne. Having always held a passion for being creative and having children who also enjoy to draw and paint, Doodlepics allows Bryony the opportunity to combine her passions and help other parents to turn their kids doodles into mini-masterpieces for the whole family to enjoy.