Making your mini-masterpiece

So, you've decided that you want a mini-masterpiece for your home, what now? Here's an overview of how the process works.

1. Purchase your mini-masterpiece

Have a look at the various types of mini-masterpieces available in our shop and select which one best suits the drawings your child has created. Select whether you want a print or digital download.

2. Photograph your child's drawing

Our preference is emailing photos of the drawings from a smartphone. Send the largest possible image (actual size) size and photograph them from straight above to avoid distortion. Email to us referencing your order number.

3. Or scan the drawing if you prefer

Alternatively, if you have a scanner at home, you can scan them in and send to us, please ensure you scan on the highest available settings, at least 600dpi. Email to us referencing your order number.

4. If you're having a family portrait

If you've chosen the family portrait and have several drawings on different sheets of paper - photograph or scan them all individually and send them all to us detailing who is who.

5. We'll check what you've sent is suitable

We'll check over the photos/scans you've provided and check they're good to work with. In some rare cases we may request the original from you in order to scan at this end. If this is the case, please send by special delivery and we'll return it along with your finished mini-masterpiece.

6. We create your mini-masterpiece

We'll now get to work weaving our magic totransform those photos and scans of the lovely doodles your child has created into your finished mini-masterpiece. We'll send a proof for you to approve before moving onto printing.

7. We create a print that lasts a lifetime

We print using a technique called Giclée, which is a very high-resolution ink-jet print onto archival paper. Light-fast, UV stable inks are used and the print is coated in a protective spray, giving added UV and moisture protection and should be good for at least 75 – 100 years.

8. We deliver your mini-masterpiece

Sit back and wait for delivery of your mini-masterpiece, lovingly crafted to let your child's creativity shine through. Generally the whole process should take no more than 7-10 days from start to finish.

Before & After

Slide the slider left and right to get a glimpse of how the drawings look when they come in to us and how they might look after we've transformed them into mini-masterpieces.